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  • Conducted two downtown cleanups.

  • In conjunction with American Solutions for Business completed a public pocket park in the downtown Glenwood area.  The park, open for the public to enjoy, is located between the two American Solutions for Business buildings on the north side of East Minnesota Avenue.

  • Established quarterly Revitalize Your Residence & Revitalize Your Real Estate Awards that encourage and reward community residents who improve the exteriors of their homes and businesses.

  • Completed a "node" or seating area with pavers, benches, landscaping, lighting and a center focal point in the center of City Park.

  • Completed a second "node" near the Bandshell in City Park.

  • Replaced the playground equipment in City Park.

  • Completed a third "node" on the corner of South Lake Shore Drive and Franklin street.


  • Plans for two more "nodes" along the shores of Lake Minnewaska.

  • A lakewalk pedestrian path to connect all five "nodes."

  • Working with the City of Glenwood to make more improvements to City Park, including lighting the sidewalks throughout, revamping the landscaping, upgrading the tennis and basketball courts.

  • Revitalizing our downtown area, adding more pocket parks in the community.

  • Working with the City of Glenwood to install decorative streetlights as they replace the current ones downtown

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