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Glenwood & Beyond was first organized in 2006 to prepare for a visit from the Minnesota Design Team, who was coming to Glenwood to assess the possibility of bringing Complete Streets through our downtown.  After many years of hard work, we're excited to finally bring this idea from dream to reality!

Beginning in April of 2018, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Pope County and the City of Glenwood are partnering on a resurfacing and reconstruction project on Highways 28, 29 and 104 in Glenwood.  The project will address pavement concerns, pedestrian accessibility (ADA) requirements, traffic flow, utility needs and boulevard improvements.

Glenwood & Beyond is acting as the fiscal host for the Complete Streets project, through our 501(c)(3) non-profit designation.  This means we're collecting all additional dollars donated for the streetscape amenities and expansion project; the goal is set at $650,000.

For more information, visit MnDOT's webpage.


You can make an impact by sponsoring a streetscape amenity (bench, picnic table, planter, trash can, or paver).  To make your pledge, complete the form below.

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