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Glenwood & Beyond is a designated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of local volunteers who are dedicated to researching, resourcing, fundraising, planning and implementing community-wide projects and initiatives that will enhance and promote the Glenwood area.


Glenwood & Beyond is dedicated to promoting a shared vision for our community that enhances its natural beauty and personality, enriches the lives of its residents and visitors, and ensures growth and prosperity for future generations. 


Glenwood & Beyond was first organized to prepare for the Minnesota Design Team (MDT) visit in June 2006.  At the conclusion of the visit, the group transitioned to implementing some of the projects that the MDT recommended, as well as, other community improvement projects that arise.

Glenwood & Beyond consists of many local volunteers that serve on the Executive Committee, Coordinating and Implementation Committee(CIC) and Project Committees - all who meet on a regular basis.  

The Executive Committee meets every month and its main function is to drive the implementation process, set priorities and planning steps for upcoming projects and oversee the Coordination and Implementation (CIC).  

The CIC consists of volunteers who meet once a month.  The CIC is a cross section of community members who have an enthusiasm for and commitment to our community.  Many of the CIC members will be leading or working on the various Project Committees.  The CIC's primary function is to facilitate communication among the project committees and provide collective input and make decisions regarding the priority and planning steps for upcoming projects.  The CIC oversees the Project Committees.  

The Project committees will include volunteers who will meet according to their project needs and to "get the ball rolling" on their particular projects.  These committees will execute the necessary steps to implement the projects.  They will research the project's overall feasibility and cost, connect with community leaders and decision-makers on the viability of the project, prepare and coordinate logistics and see the project through completion.  The Project Committees will update the CIC with their progress and bring any challenges or issues to the CIC for discussion and direction. 

The Project Committees include: Lakewalk, Downtown Streetscape, Pocket Parks, City Park/Landscaping, Housing, Visitor's Center, Trail Markers and Kiosks, Minnesota Avenue Traffic Calming, Fundraising, and Communications and Publicity.

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